Used Bikes in San Francisco? At Columbus Cyclery, We Buy and Sell Used Bikes All Year Round!

Largest selection of Used Bikes in San Francisco! The daily inventory ranges from 250 to 280 Used Bikes plus over 60 Brand New Bikes. All the second-hand bikes are clean, tuned-up and oiled. We ensure that all the parts are in good working condition. We replace worn parts with new ones as needed. At Columbus Cyclery, all our used bikes are sold with a 30-day warranty(*) which includes all parts and labor. Guaranteed ! So, no bad surprises after you purchase the bike.  We have been in the bicycle business since 2011.

(*) Warranty is valid as long as no work is done on the bike outside of our shop. This includes replacement of basic parts and accessories. No exception.

Affordable Used Bikes at our San Francisco Shop

Our used bikes are affordable and may be considered cheap when the 30-day warranty is factored in. We cover the full spectrum of bicycles in terms of sizes from extra small to extra large, and gender such as women’ s specific bicycles and obviously male bikes.  We also have an inventory of folding bikes, BMX and kids bikes.

Take a few Bikes for a Spin!

When you come to our store to look at bicycles, new or pre-owned, we encourage you to try a few bikes around the block, so that you can pick one that you really like. We will adjust the seat and handlebar heights for you for the best fit. We will give you a quick refresher on gear changing, bike handling and a few safety tips.

Note: We do not sell/ship bikes over the phone.  Bikes must be tried at the Shop to ensure it is the right size, color, comfort level, etc.

Free Bike on Columbus Cyclery Four (4) Times a Year…

Additionally, Columbus Cyclery gives away a bike to the community every quarter. That is Four (4) bikes per year! No purchase needed. Absolutely free. No marketing soliciting thereafter. It takes less than 2 minutes to enter a simple contest to win the bicycle.  If you win, just walk in the store and pick any bike, used or new, valued at up to $600 retail.  No strings attached.

…To Win our Quarterly Free Bike scroll down to the bottom of the page…>>>

Used and New Bikes San Francisco50% Bicycle Buy-Back Program


We buy back all the bikes we sell at our shop, used or new, no matter how long you keep them (up to 18 months), at 50% of what you paid for. Guaranteed ! We put it in writing when providing you with a “50% Buy-Back Card” showing the bike you bought and its price at time of purchase.

Please note: We buy back by check exclusively, and our checks can be cashed as soon as issued at our local Wells Fargo business branch opened 6 days a week (closed Sunday). It is just a few blocks from the store. Just plan accordingly since the bank closes at 7pm.

NOTE : If you do not have your Buy-Back card anymore, we just offer a 50% bike value estimate.

Additionally, we do not buy back bicycles that have been to the “Burning Man” event.  The sand of the desert damages all the components.

Large Bicycle Accessories Choice for your Bike

Large choice of Accessories: we also carry all the accessories that you may need immediately with a bike purchase such as helmets, locks, racks, lights, fenders, etc.  We carry all major brands such as Kryptonite, Onguard, Planet Bike, Kali, Ultra-Cycle, and more…  We also carry the most commonly used bicycle tools from Park Tool and others.

Used and New Bikes San FranciscoBicycle Delivery to your home

We can also deliver the bike you have purchased at our store  if needed so.  The delivery will take place after hours in the evening if not same day, the next day.

Our delivery rates are the following:

  • San Francisco city limits : $35.00
  • Peninsula, East Bay and North Bay (max. 25 miles) : $65.00
  • Outer Bay Area (26 to 50 miles max.) : $95

So, come select your bicycle at our San Francisco shop today !  We do not sell and deliver bikes that have not been viewed in person at the shop.


About 60% of our inventory is displayed here. Updated every Day!  

All Bikes Tuned Up and Ready To Go

Used Bikes : 30-Day Warranty (Parts & Labor) New Bikes : 90-Day Warranty (Parts & Labor)

Call Now (415) 561-9999   –   Open 7Days 10a-6p
Backup phone: (415) 757-0310

>>>… BIKE GIVEAWAY EVERY QUARTER! ANY BIKE, ANY TYPE, YOUR CHOICE, YOUR SIZE.  UP TO $600 RETAIL VALUE! (Bike Only, no accessories.  Free pick-up only. Shipment not included)


Ellen H. My purchase of a used bike from Columbus Cyclery a few weeks ago was an excellent experience all around. It started with their excellent website where I could peruse the offerings. Then I was able to spend over an hour trying/testing the bikes I wanted (helped that I brought their ID codes from the site). They were very patient with me as I debated, nicely explaining different features and pros/cons. All the bikes I tried ran very well. Priced at 60%-50% of new retail (approximately), I thought the value was good. I got a Cannondale, helmet, lock and basket, all for just under $500 with tax. They very nicely fixed a couple things and gave me a kickstand for free. I took the bike for a long ride the next day and it was great. All in all, a great experience that I would recommend.

Hope W. Incredibly kind and wonderful place to buy biking goods! I needed to buy a bike rack ASAP, and they went above and beyond to help me install the bike rack onto my car even though they were closing for the night. The owner cracked jokes during the process and was an all-around good guy. Price for my new bike rack was very reasonable. Definitely recommend checking them out.

Louisa B. Had a great experience buying my first bike here! Abel was incredibly helpful, showing me numerous bikes and helping me decide which one was right. They have an excellent and huge selection of used bikes, and I managed to stay well under my budget. Would definitely recommend! Michael M. I bought a bike for my girlfriend for her birthday and everyone was very friendly, knowledgeable, and didn’t give that douchey vibe that some bike stores give. They had a pretty generous selection of used bikes – both men’s and women’s and they were VERY reasonably priced. Almost too many bikes to pick from. More than 200 or so! I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for but they helped me find something that worked perfectly. I ended up with a couple year old, barely used Trek hybrid for about $350. Definitely a deal.

Julia W. I purchased a gorgeous used bike for under $300 here last month. They have a quite large and nice selection of used bikes on 3 levels here and great service. I wasn’t looking to spend too much, and they had a few options in the $200-$300 dollar range. They adjusted the bike to my height and specs, installed the accessories from my old bike, and even gave me tips on how to best lock the bike. Used bikes come with a 1-month warranty, but I haven’t had any issues yet\