Sell or Trade a used bicycle at our San Francisco Shop

At Columbus Cyclery, you can sell or trade-in your bike all year round!

We purchase most types of bikes; However:

  • We purchase only a limited amount of kids bikes.
  • We do not purchase Department Store bikes such as Magna, Roadmaster, and a few other cheaper brands, EXCEPT for the period June/July/August.
  • We do NOT purchase electric bikes.
  • We do NOT purchase BMX bikes, except those originally bought at our store (50% Buy-back program).
  • We do not purchase old steel vintage road bikes. However, we do offer $60 to $80 Store Credit for them towards the purchase of one of our Bikes, or Accessories.
  • We do NOT buy bikes that have been to the “Burning Man” event.  But we do sell bikes for the event, without buy-back.
  • We do not purchase bikes with tampered or not legible serial numbers.  Serial number is typically located under the bottom bracket of the bike.
  • We accept bike donations for bikes which the owners do not want to undertake any type of repairs.  Donated broken bikes can sometime be given a second life.

While we continuously purchase bikes, at times, our large inventory will slow our purchasing.

If you’d like to sell your bike, please always call  ahead of time: (415) 561-9999  [backup No 415-757-0310]

This will ensure that we have space for your bike.

However, you can trade your bike all year round

There is no limit for trade-ins, since one bike comes in and one goes out.

If you want to sell or trade your bike, and after you have called us, bring it to our shop.

Please bring along a valid form of identification. Absolutely required.

We do NOT give estimates over the phone

We will look at your bike together, maybe take it for a test ride if it is in running condition, and will make you an offer in a matter of minutes. Understand that the bicycle prices are much higher during Spring and Summer if you want to maximize your sale. We pay by check exclusively, and our checks can be cashed as soon as issued at any Wells Fargo branch in the USA.  There is a branch 5 blocks from our store.  Our checks are also valid internationally.

Keep in mind that you also have the option of consigning your bicycle with us if you are not in a hurry to sell it.

For further information on consignment, click on the Consign button Consign

 sell or trade a bike