Bike Consignment in San Francisco? Columbus Cyclery is It!

If you want to sell your bike on Consignment in San Francisco, come pay us a visit at Columbus Cyclery.

First, we get a lot of traffic at our store.

Second, we advertise your bike on the local media and our Website.

Third, we sell your bike with a 30-day store warranty which encourages a lot of buyers to purchase from us.

Additionally, at no cost to you, we clean-up and tune-up your bike so that it is perfectly ready to be sold. You would be only responsible for broken parts needing replacement and the extra labor incurred, if any.

Our fee is 29% of the selling price. So, you collect 71% of the proceeds. We write a check within 24 hours of the sale and call you at the same time. It is your option to either come pick up the check or have it mailed to you. You tell us !

Please note that we only consign bikes with a minimum retail value of $350 and maximum retail value of $2,000.  If less than $350, we purchase the bikes.  We do not consign or purchase vintage road bikes or electric bikes.  We do accept Vintage Road Bikes as a trade against other of our bikes.

To consign your bike at our San Francisco shop is a very simple process:

  • Give us a call (415) 561-9999 to ensure we are ready to take on your bike.  If yes, bring your bike over. No appointment needed.
  • Together we look at your bike and quickly assess its condition.
  • We agree on a selling Asking Price and a Lowest Acceptable price.
  • We fill a one-page contract reflecting the Asking Price, the Lowest Acceptable Price and your 71% cut.
  • We give you a receipt, and you are on your way.
  • We call you the day we sell your bike, and we have a check ready for you in less than 24 hours.  If you are international and going abroad, we use Paypal to send you the proceeds of the sale.

” I just got my check! This is the best way to deal with a used bike. No hassle, no risk. I put a solid price on the bike, not a ‘clearance price’.   I had to wait some weeks, but eventually the right person saw it and paid full price!   I think it helps that they can offer an independent opinion of the quality and condition of the bike.  
Thanks much. ”   Jim T.

Bikes Recently Sold at our San Francisco Store: