While we take Marketing very seriously, we have limited time, budget constraints and an unlimited number of solicitations.  As such, we are very selective in the choice of marketing tools we use and the companies behind them.  Unless we approach you first, which is our most common practice, our selection process is the following:


  1. All Marketing proposals must be in a written format.
  2. Proposals can either be mailed or e-mailed.
  3. Absolutely no phone communication unless initiated by us.
  4. Indicate your Legal Business Name, your DBA, year established, and your FEIN in your proposal.
  5. Provide contact information with phone number and e-mail.
  6. Explain what you can offer to us and how it would increase our visibility on the market.
  7. Explain the options you offer with the costs associated to them.
  8. Provide three (3) business recommendations currently using your services.  We will check them!
  9. Any other information you deem appropriate.


Please understand that this list is all inclusive and that a missing and/or incomplete item will delay  or void your application for services.


All proposals are reviewed by our business partners within twenty (20) business days of submitting them.   If your proposal is considered, you will be contacted by a Partner.   In the event your proposal is not selected, your application will be retained in our files for a period  of twelve (12) months.


Important Deadline:  Proposals must be submitted by June 15th of any calendar year to be timely approved and incorporated in the budget of the following year.  No Exception.





Thank you,

Columbus Cyclery, LLC.

2011 Mason Street

San Francisco, CA 94133