Our Favorite Tours:  Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Prison.

We offer two main tours for our visitors.  The first one is crossing the Golden Gate Bridge on a bicycle down to the charming little town of Sausalito.  Mostly flat ride, 8 miles long (13km), with a pleasant 35mn return by ferry to San Francisco.  Full description of the tour is given below.

The other tour is the visit of the famous Alcatraz Prison located in the San Francisco Bay and only accessible by boat.  The tour includes an actual landing on the island with a full visit of all the amenities (Administration building, Guards Quarters, Cell House, Yard, Morgue, etc…)   Full description of the tour is given below.  This tour can only be sold as a package per agreement with our partner Alcatraz Cruises.


Golden Gate Bridge Guided Bike Tour

GG-Bridge-guided-tour-2The typical tour will leave our shop at 10:00am.


In a matter of a few minutes, you will be riding on the bicycle path starting at Aquatic Park.  Our guide will be leading you through Fort Mason and its breathtaking views of Alcatraz, down to the Marina and the Palace of Fine Arts.  Before you know it, you will be biking in the middle of Presidio Park heading to the Warming Hut Café for a quick break next to the ocean.  Then, you will be heading to Fort Point which marks the very entrance of the Bay.  You’ll see daring surfers competing with huge cargo ships for waters. 

Now, the Bridge is just before your eyes, and in a matter of minutes you will be crossing its majestic 1.7 mile length.  Splendid views of the City and the Bay and the Bridge will await you at Vista Point just after the crossing.    From there, it is 10 minutes of easy downhill to the beautiful Sausalito, with its water front cafes, gardens, art galleries, floating houses, etc.  Your guided tour ends in Sausalito.  Typically, the bike tour arrives in Sausalito between 12:30 and 1:00pm.  You then have the option to hop on a ferry to come back to San Francisco (bike is free on the Ferry), or explore further the area for a later departure.  As a trip advisor, we recommend bringing along a light jacket.


Guided Tour includes the bike and all its accessories (Helmet, Lock, Front Bag, Flat Repair Kit, Map)

July – August : Daily at 10:00 AM.  Price : $70.00

Sept – June : Daily. Self-guided after orientation.  Price : $29.00



Alcatraz Package ” ALCATRAZ NOW ” with actual landing on the island

Alcatraz-1Our package ” Alcatraz Now” includes a guided bicycle tour across the Golden Gate Bridge (described above) and a bay cruise with a walking tour of the famous Alcatraz Island.  And YES, our package includes an actual landing on the island, where you can set foot , visit the cells, prison yard, etc., like a convict!

The only way to reach Alcatraz is by sea!  Ferries leave from Pier 33 at scheduled times to take you to Alcatraz Island.   You can already see the Island from Fisherman’s Wharf since it is located just 1.25 miles (2 kilometers) at sea.  The Rock, as it is known covers 25 acres.  Since Alcatraz is under the umbrella of the National Park Services, you will be welcomed upon arrival by a National Park Ranger.  At that time, a brief orientation will be given to you.  You can visit the island and its jail house at your own leisure and rhythm.  One interesting stop is the theatre with its continuous video orientation with historical footages of the major events that took place at Alcatraz.  We definitely recommend the 45-minute audio self-guided tour so that you do not miss anything. It is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Mandarin, Russian, Portuguese and Korean. This tour will take you through the cell block and narrate various stories that took place there.  You will hear testimonies of former inmates and guards.  You’ll have a chance to see the inmates cells, the solitary confinement area, the yard and dining area, and more… After the audio tour, we suggest you take a look at the structures around, including the guards accommodations,  the Alcatraz Museum, its bookshop, and the gift shop to grab a few Alcatraz souvenirs before heading back to the mainland.Alcatraz-2

While your Alcatraz tour leaves on a specific day and time, you can do your guided bike ride ANY DAY within 24 hours of your Alcatraz trip, meaning the day before, same day or day after. The guided bike tour leaves our store at 10:00 am daily (please arrive 15 to 20 minutes before 10) and lasts about two and a half hours to take you to Sausalito.  No reservation needed. Once in Sausalito, you are free to either spend more time there or hop back on a Ferry to San Francisco.  You have the bike until 8:00pm.  For the period September to June, the Bike Tour is Self-Guided exclusively.

Self-Guided Tour: Just call us the evening before, and your bike will be ready the next day for you to pick up. It is important to reserve your bike for a self-guided tour.  Open 7 Days from 8am to 8pm.


All our bikes come with a lock, a helmet, a map and a flat repair kit.  As a trip advisor, we recommend bringing along a light jacket.

” Alcatraz Now ” Package Price :

$67.00 [Alcatraz ($38.00 value) + Self-guided Bike Tour ($29)] for period September to June

$108.00 [Alcatraz ($38.00 value) + Guided Bike Tour ($70)] for period July-August

Cannot be sold separately .  Non refundable.  Alcatraz part is free for children 4 and younger, and $20 for bicycle part.


Method of Payment:

Tickets for “Alcatraz Now” can be purchased directly at our store 7 Days a week from 8am to 8pm at 2011 Mason street, or securely online.

Contact 1

Front Desk Sales [7Days  8am-8pm] :  Columbus Cyclery LLC., 2011 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA 94133

Tel : (415)561-9999.

To further explore our ‘Alcatraz Now’ package, or to purchase online, click here :

Alcatraz Now


Recent Reviews:

“My family really enjoyed the bike ride. The kids thought it was the best part of our trip. The guys who helped us in the shop were great! The took a lot of care in preparing the bikes for us and even attached a pouch to my bike to hold our things. I got to ride a brand new bike.”   Becky Young.

“This was a awesome day!  My family loved this tour.”  Ginnie Banks.

“Great service for Alcatraz and the Biking Tour.”  Jan R. Remco.

“The tickets were easy to get and the bike ride was awesome.  Thanks.”  Amir Hossein.