Bicycle Accessories, Parts and Tools at our San Francisco Shop

We carry hundreds of accessories and parts you may need for your bicycle. To name a few:

Bike Accessories:




Locks (U-locks and Cable locks), anti-theft skewers to protect your wheels, Helmets, Lights (traditional battery operated and USB powered), pumps (hand pumps and floor pumps), CO2 cartridges and patch kits, valve adapters, front/rear baskets and front/rear bags, rear racks for you bike but also car racks to carry up to 4 bikes, replacement seats and seat covers, bicycle covers if you store your bike outside, cyclists gloves long and short fingers, water cages and water bottles, bells, etc.

Bike Parts:



Wheels (Mountain, Hybrid, Road, Track), tires, tubes, tire levers, seatposts and seats, handlebars, stems and headsets, brake systems (brake levers, brake sets, brake pads, disc brakes rotors and pads, cables and housing), Shifting systems (shifters, front and rear derailleurs, hangers, cables and housing), Grips, Chains (single speed, single speed heavy duty, 5 and 6 speed, 7 and 8 speed, 9 speed and 10 speed), freewheel gears (from single speed up to 8 speed), cassette gears (7, 8 and 9 speed with all the range of teeth count), crank systems (chain rings, crank arms, bottom brackets, bearings), pedals (resin, alloy, with or without cages, platform, bmx style, spd’s), etc.

Bike Tools:



Multi-tools to carry with you (Allen wrenches, torx wrenches, phillips, etc.), cassette and freewheel removers, chain tools, pedal wrenches, cable and housing cutters, patch kits, lubricant,etc.

For a complete list of all accessories, parts and tools we commonly use and sell, visit our main distributor site, arrow Hawley, from which we get weekly shipments.